Realization is the actual development of a property right from the stage of initial conceptualization and planning to the final stages of construction and delivery or, in some cases, restoration and transformation. We are driven by the will to enhance the quality of life for all. We commit to a project from the very beginning, taking part in every step of its long journey to completion. We enjoy watching a project unfold with every effort made to contribute to the real realization – not just of the projects involved but also of the aspirations of the eventual user. Our commitment to projects that often span many years reflects focus, dedication and careful planning.



Gent (B) 

36 apartments and 11 houses

Build and Sold out 



4 Villas

Build and Sold out


Roeselare (B)

10 apartments

Build and Sold out



5 Apartments and 1 commercial unit

Build and Sold out

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