In 1990 Guido Dumarey founded the company Dumimmo NV with the aim of accommodating land and old industrial sites, as well as realizing residential developments on a small scale. Over the years, various projects have been realized in Knokke, Roeselare and Deurle. Also, lands from old industrial sites were introduced whose industrial activity has since been stopped or relocated.


The basis had been laid, but to harvest it also had to be actively worked. Maxime Dumarey then took on operational management in 2017 and put the existing assets to work, supplemented by new projects.

In the meantime, the name of the company has been changed to GML Estate NV, a reference to Guillaume, Maxime and Louise Dumarey who hold all the company's shares through the GML Foundation.

who we are.

GML Estate is a family-owned real estate developer with a no-nonsense approach and provides a transformation of abandoned areas into new high-quality and sustainable residential areas or workplaces.


This through leading architecture, a high quality finish and lots of greenery. This way we create attractive places to live or to work.

GML Estate redevelops and manages residential and industrial real estate in Belgium, France, Slovakia and Switzerland.


Entrepreneurship - Humility - Expertise - Partnership


GML Estate aims to develop converted old industrial sites into new neighbourhoods with lots of greenery. In addition to the abundance of greenery, the projects are characterized by sustainable materials, ecologically responsible technologies and modern mobility solutions.


GML Estate integrates all this into an affordable housing project with an eye for modern architecture. Next to residential developments and depending on the purpose and location of the land, GML Estate also develops and manages SME parks.


GML Estate is mainly focussed on Belgium but is also active in countries such as France, Switzerland and Slovakia.


To realize the projects, GML Estate relies on a permanent core of independent specialists. This ensures the deployment of a maximum of know-how in an extremely flexible manner and thus keeps the fixed costs to a minimum.

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