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Projects in real estate, brownfields and reconversion

Our employees coordinate various sites where the use of high-quality materials and energy efficiency are central.


Rapidpark, Bertem

Rapidpark, Bertem

Rapidpark is a new, ecological project near Leuven, located in quiet Bertem. It combines the liveliness of the city with the coziness of the countryside and emphasizes the green experience. The sustainable architecture ensures privacy and convenience, with shops within walking distance. By using modern technologies such as geothermal energy and solar panels, consumption costs are greatly reduced. Living in Rapidpark means living in an oasis of peace with all modern amenities.

Dammepark, Roeselare

Dammepark in Roeselare combines green living with modern architecture in a 2-hectare park. The project offers almost energy-neutral (NZE) homes and apartments, with well-thought-out layouts for optimal light. Located just 5 minutes from the center, with important shops within walking distance, Dammepark stands for ecological and comfortable living in a dynamic, green environment.

Dammepark, Roeselare

Molendijkhof, Herzele

In the quiet middle between Brussels and Ghent you will find nine new-build apartments and duplexes in a charming residence. By using innovative techniques and sustainable materials, each apartment is almost energy neutral (BEN).

an abundance of natural light, south-facing gardens and terraces, a spacious parking garage with storage room and a communal covered bicycle shed, Molendijkhof has all the advantages of a detached house, without the burdens.


Kromveld, Bonheiden

In Bonheiden we are developing a new sports hall for the Kromveld tennis and padel club, complete with two indoor padel courts. With the latest techniques for optimal ventilation and energy consumption, sustainability is central to this project. The facilities promise to be a modern and energy-efficient addition to the local sports culture.

KROMVELD, Bonheiden
Office 35

Office 35, Nazareth

With unique, inspiring workspaces and excellent accessibility via the E17, Office 35 in Nazareth redefines the living and working environment.


Office 35 is equipped with advanced heat pumps, efficient ventilation and solar panels.


The optimal balance between warmth and coolness, thanks to our high-quality, ecological insulation.

Office 35

The Campus, Slovakia

Campus Detva, centrally located in Slovakia, offers 100,000 m² of rentable space for production companies. The strategic location and adaptable facilities attract a highly qualified workforce. With an emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability, it represents a future-oriented industrial location.

The Campus, Detva
Detvapark, Detva

Detvapark, Slovakia

Detvapark in Detva, Slovakia, is an example of energy-efficient and sustainable living. This unique project offers a series of apartments designed with attention to modern comfort, natural light and high-quality materials. Located in a strategic location close to the center of Detva, Detvapark combines easy access to city amenities with a green lifestyle.


Village Crepy, France

Village Crepy in Crépy-en-Valois, France, is on the eve of an exciting transformation with plans for a modern commercial building park. The design will be both durable and multifunctional to meet the diverse needs of users. With a combination of innovative architecture and environmentally responsible construction practices, Village Crepy promises to become a leading business location in the region.

Zuidpolder, Antwerpen

Zuidpolder, Antwerp

In Antwerp there is an area with a mix of homes, businesses, abandoned industry and vacant, contaminated land. GML therefore works closely with the city and Flemish authorities to give it a new future. Sketches and illustrations have already been created to show the potential transformation of this area. Realizing this vision requires a Spatial Implementation Plan (RUP) that formalizes the ideas and lays the foundation for future permits.


Station Park, Mancherster

Discover Station Park, a dynamic development that will offer modern, energy efficient NET ZERO homes. In addition to housing, the project also includes a new park and commercial spaces, perfect for sustainable urban living. Strategically located next to the train station, both Manchester city center and the Rochdale Riverside shopping center are within minutes. Station Park promises to be a turning point in how we think about quality of life and sustainability.

Station Park
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Rapidpark, Bertem

Dammepark, Roeselare

Molendijkhof, Herzele

Kromveld, Bonheiden

Office 35, Nazareth
Zuidpolder, Antwerpen

The Campus, Slowakije

Detvapark, Slowakije

Village Crepy, Frankrijk

Station Park, Mancherster

Ursapark, Zwitserland

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